Faith is something that we can spend a lifetime exploring, and never fully figure out! It’s always growing, being shaped by God through our experiences and encounters with others! At Peace Lutheran Church we offer several great ways to continue to grow in your faith with the support and fellowship of the community and Pastor!
Revelation- Hope in the Face of Hardship- starts Jan 11th
Join us in January as we start our new Bible Study on the Book of Revelation! Learn how this often misunderstood book of the Bible serves as a letter of courage and hope to people facing times of hardship in the ancient world, and how it speaks to us today! 
Study will be virtual via Zoom 
Monday Nights  from 6-7:30pm! Please contact the church office to sign up and get the Zoom link.
Want to text your Bible knowledge or learn a little something new about the church and faith? Well check out our quizzes made by Pastor Megan! And remember turn about it fair play, if you have a question feel free to send her an email or call her at the church! 
Revelation A Book of Hope Bible Study-
Click the links below to watch sessions of our ongoing Bible Study. New Sessions will be posted each Tuesday. 
Key Points from Our Current Bible Study
Want to look back at some of the info from the slides of a previous Bible Study? Just click the week you’d like to see and download the key points from that week!
 Learn more about Revelation
The Rapture Exposed- The Message of Hope in the book of Revelation  by Barbara R Rossing