Faith is something that we can spend a lifetime exploring, and never fully figure out! It’s always growing, being shaped by God through our experiences and encounters with others! At Peace Lutheran Church we offer several great ways to continue to grow in your faith with the support and fellowship of the community and Pastor!
Special Study- Looking at the ELCA’s social statement on Abortion – Click Here to view video, and visit to learn more about social statements
4 Gospels, 1 Jesus Bible Study- January 24th- Feb 21st at 6:30pm on Zoom
Click Here for Zoom Link

Each of the four gospels offers a unique and important view of Jesus and his ministry. Join Pastor Megan in this five-week Bible Study that will explore what a Gospel is, why there are four of them, what is unique about each one, and what we can learn about God and Jesus by looking at all four of them.  

Jan 24th– Getting to know the Gospels

Jan 31st – Making a Mark- The 1st Gospel

Feb 7th– Meeting Matthew 

Feb 14th– Looking into Luke

Feb 21st– Journeying with John

This will be a Zoom Bible study so that congregation members who have traveled for the winter can participate, and so that those of us braving the winter in Northern MI don’t have to drive at night! Links for each meeting will be posted on the church website and Facebook. Please contact Pastor Megan if you would like a link emailed directly to you. Each session will be recorded and posted on the website for folks who can’t make the meeting time… please note, no prior Bible Study experience needed for this study.

Want to text your Bible knowledge or learn a little something new about the church and faith? Well check out our quizzes made by Pastor Megan! And remember turn about it fair play, if you have a question feel free to send her an email or call her at the church!