What’s Happening
Confirmation registration is Now OPEN!!! Middle School and High School students are welcome to register for our 2022 / 2023 confirmation year! Please fill out one registration and health form per student
Want to know more? Check out our Confirmation Orientation Video Below!!!

What is Confirmation? 
Lutheran’s believe that confirmation is an important time in a youth’s life where they have a chance to deeply explore their faith and talk about their beliefs with adults and peers. Our goal for each confirmation student is that they will know three things when the finish the program
1. That they are loved and valued by God and their church.
2. How to think about and continue growing in their beliefs.
3. How to talk about those beliefs and live them out in their daily life as part of a community of faith.
Confirmation at Peace Lutheran church normally starts in middle school, although high school students are welcome to attend too. The program takes 3 years to complete and is made up of several components
Class– The group will meet once a month from 11am-2pm (normally on the 1st Sunday of the Month) to learn  about the Bible and Lutheran Faith. Classes are led by Pastor Megan and are interactive with students encouraged to ask questions, voice opinions. These classes will follow a 3 year cycle so that all students will get a chance to study The Old Testament, The New Testament, and The Lutheran Catechism.
Reflections-Between classes, students will be asked to complete reflection assignments. These include short papers, games like Bible Scavenger Hunt, or projects that help students learn more about a Bible Story. They are designed to take no more then a few hours of work during the time between classes.
Faith Experiences – Faith is something that is meant to be lived, and because we believe that, each student will be expected to participate in at least 4 faith experiences a year. These are ways they can connect with the community and live out their faith through service and fellowship.  
Worship Notes  – Worship notes help youth participate in and think more deeply about worship and how it impacts their lives. There are two main questions on each note-  students are asked to fill out 25 sermon notes a year. 
Class Photos!
Class Photos!