Interested in being a member of Peace Lutheran Church? Here’s what you need to know
What does being a Member Mean? 
Peace Lutheran believes that God loves, saves, and welcomes all his children into his kingdom. Belonging or not belonging to a congregation doesn’t change that… However being an active member of a church family is a great way to
feel more connected to God and to enrich your faith life.
Members and Non-members are welcome to participate in church life including worship, Bible study, family fun events, service activities, and more. The main difference is as a member you will included on congregational emails, mailings, and newsletters so you know all about upcoming events. 
As a member of Peace Lutheran Church you will also have voice and vote at congregational meetings.
Welcoming New Members
You and your family are welcome at Peace Lutheran Church! We invite all our new members to participate in a short two week class where they can meet other new members, ask questions about the congregation and being Lutheran, and most importantly get to know other members from the congregation.
How do I get more information about being a Member
If you would like to become a member please contact us at the church by calling 989-732-1991 or by filling our the contact us form found here. We will add you to a list of potential new members. We will then contact you when we are holding our next new member class.
What Information does the church need?
Great Question! When you join the congregation we will ask for some basic information to add to our church records and help us get to know you. This includes:
  • contact details such as phone, address, and email.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries so we can lift you up in prayer in our community
  • The name of the last church you were a member of so we can transfer your membership.
Click HERE to download a New Member form or HERE to fill the form out online. 
Do I need to Be Baptized to Be a Member?
NO, you do not need to be baptized or re-baptized to be a member. We do invite people of all ages to consider baptism, and welcome your questions about it. Please see our page on Baptisms for more information.