Pastor Megan is happy to meet with you or your family to help provide Pastoral Care. 
Pastoral Care can be many things, however it is important to understand that our Pastor is not a licensed therapist, and cannot provide ongoing therapy or counseling. 
Pastor Megan Can Provide;
Guidance for planning events such baptisms, weddings, or funerals.
Pre-marriage counseling (3-4 sessions)
Last rites for the dying
Communion visits to the sick, hospitalized, or homebound
Conversations about faith, the Bible, the church, life,               death, etc with folks of all ages.
Faith based grief care
Individual prayer 
Individual confession and forgiveness
Emergency Pastoral Care during times of imminent                 death, sudden hospitalization or illness, or pre-surgical           prayers and blessings. If you are in need of emergency pastoral care please contact Pastor Megan at 231-730-4127
If you are in need of assistance with housing, food, or bills we encourage you to contact Otsego United Way at 989-732-8929. 
If you or someone you know of is in danger of hurting yourself or someone else please contact 911 if the threat is imminent or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988